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Established in 2008 East Flatbush Village, Inc. had a vision of developing our community and enriching the lives of the youth to have a colorful future.

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What We Do!

Our organization combats violence within the community by providing these children with recreational activities and educational tools. Our programs enables youths ages 3 through 18 years old to express themselves in creative and positive ways while building their self esteem through football, swimming, soccer, dance, cheerleading and other recreational activities. These activities provide the youths not only with resources and outlets but also with mentors such as teachers, coaches and volunteers, who are willing and able to guide them. Building them a strong foundation which they will carry with them into adulthood.

Why We Do it!

Our vision is not just to provide programs for the youth but to provide resources to the entire family which in turn will repair our community.​ This vision can be fostered through a community resource center that allows for a family wellness project. A Wellness Center/ Family intervention center will incorporate educational, social services, nutritional workshops, youth athletics, adult improvement, youth anti-violence center and senior activities etc… a (One stop shop) for constituencies. EFV’s vision can be supported by community activism groups with the main focus in uplifting community involvement through a grassroots effort.​All of the listed programs and activities are a proactive approach to community involvement/engagement that has the focus on not saving a community, but by building a strong community structure


Welcome to East Flatbush Village, Inc.

A Youth and Community Development Organization focused on uplifting Neighbors with Neighbors.​ Learn more about our programs East Flatbush Village, Inc. is a grassroots organization that prides itself on establishing partnersips with several organizations, institutions and individuals that have been committed to enriching the lives of youth.

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